Need More Birds

I’m Mio:
love obsession. dance obsession. circus obsession. street art obsession. bodmodz obsession, and sex obsession. yes i'm too excessive.

Music. A lot. All the time .


Need to be amazed, Want my eyes my ears my skin be dazzled.

Really need to feel; emotions, sensations.

Storms in my brain, blood in my veins.

Sea, rain, wind.

Birds birds birds.
O and foxes..♥!

So, imagine a high-wire walker, un funambule, on its wire, oscillates between reason and madness.

it’s me.


The Doll, Hans Bellmer, gelatin silver print, 9 1/2 x 9 5/16 inches, ca. 1935–37


Quan Yin cutting, 4.5 hours, artwork by Efix Roy

Submission by inherentlyrandom
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La priere de george brassens par saez

On s’aimait mais on ne savait pas qu’un jour l’amour deviendrait un souvenir qui tord le coeur.